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2011-12-18 06:53 pm
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Djuice DMD & Elleven Project

Hey! Nice to see you, guys! It's my husband's music, check it out!
He participates in the interesting contest here -

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2011-11-28 10:23 pm


 Hi guys, i haven't been here for too long, but now i'm here with the excelent news! My husband is a star!  \^_^/ You can download his first album now!






1. Polyhedron

2. Ігри В Алісу


3. Is Everything Ok Out There?

4. October

5. Still Flying High

6. From The Heavens Above

7. Відьмак

8. Let Me Kill A Dragon For You

9. Jabberwocky

10. Alone

11. Void Behind

Cover art by Serbun -


The debut album.

Published by Elleven Project on 11.11.11.


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2011-07-10 01:07 am
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